Australis is up for BETA release , this isn't the final version. let us know how you like the user interface.

Lend, Borrow and Earn
Enchanting as Australis

Flashloan on Aurora made possible

Australis Features

Flash loan

With flash loan you can borrow any available amount of assets without providing any collateral, as long as it is returned within one block transaction.

Developer Friendly

Australis offers an overreaching integration platform to gather all at one place, you can build applications, use any service or have any kind of modern control strategies.

Desirable User Experience

Aesthetic and delightful user experience while using platform was one of our main goals. We worked toward a friendly and easy-to-use environment with a beautiful outcome. Just look for yourself.

Jump in! Start to lend and borrow today.

This is a trustless process, all you need to do is to connect your wallet and start to earn.